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The seed has been prepared – carefully, vigorously. To be carried far and wide and planted into fertile soil. Now we await those who will sow it, water it and harvest its fruits. Those who will move minds, hearts and feet.

The tyranny of the Iron Tzar has lasted far too long – Long live the revolution!

The world has been torn by war, endlessly raging over the continent. The great empire has been dominating this constant struggle for centuries. But every reign needs to come to an end. Fueled by a ground-breaking technological discovery the republic was founded. A place for great minds, progress and the root of a revolution which is destined to change the world.

People from all around the continent follow a whispered call, to join the initiators of the first successful rebellion and under their watchful guidance carry the seed of revolution far and wide.

KRYSTALIVM - is a larp trilogy about a war-torn world impacted by the sudden rise of new technology. It is a constantly changing and evolving world, shaped by the protagonists' decisions – none of which are easy. You will play key figures from all around the world, gathering at a secret place within the Republic, with the goal to bring the revolution against the empire to your homelands and change their fates forever.

The larp draws inspiration from popular media like Shadow & Bones, Arcane, Carnival Row, and His Dark Materials.


March 2024Poland



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