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The Prophecy

RPG system: LARP
Genre: Fantasy, Gyser
Participants: 30-60 players

Organized by

Dolchen LARP (AD, Alberte, Cille, Emil, Mathilde)


A calling which must be obeyed. An urge like none other you ever experienced.
It is like the force which keeps us alive, suddenly awoken from its slumber and making the magic in us flourish.
On this day it starts again.

Many years have passed since the Magic last called out.
Now it beckons again, and any who hears it have been drawn to the magical fields, where they shall experience the Magic unfold itself.
This is what you were created for. This is what the magic inside of you wants.

But beware.
Magic is not fair. Magic is not gentle.
It takes what it wants, and pushes all its practitioners to their limit. And Beyond.
This will forever change who you are, and not all of us will return.

This is the prophecy, and it is ruthless and unavoidable


February 2024Denmark: English run


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