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Real Royalty

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 70-110 players

Organized by

Hanging Lanterns


OrganizerBenji Michalek
DesignerNatasha Borders
DesignerJeff Steele


Journey to a realm of twisted fairy tales,
Where fabled legends all regale.
As midnight strikes to bring a hush,
Through the thicket, through the brush,
A whispered lullaby so melodic and sweet
Steals children in their sleep,
Under grasping thorny limbs at dusk,
Lashing brambles of winter’s husk.
Follow the white rabbit through hidden trails,
Where echoes of dark fae haunt and wail.
As creeping mists spread and descend,
And broken kingdoms shall meet their end.

Eight twisted fairy-tale kingdoms, one mysterious Princess, and one spot to be her new best friend. Only the most cunning, creative, and ruthless kingdom shall win. You are invited to Princess Generica's castle, where you will spend the weekend building strategies and plotting against your rivals to win the princess' favor.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Real Royalty? For three days you'll leave behind life and take part in this immersive theatrical experience within a dark fairy tale setting. You will be transformed into a character where there is no script, and all the decisions are in your hands. You will join a colorful cast of characters to take part in a sadistic gauntlet to determine who will be Princess Generica's new confidant.

Will you triumph over the other participants to win the day, or will you play the kingmaker?

Runs 🗺️

16. - 19. February 2024🗺️Palace Hotel, San Francisco, United States


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