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Dollars & Nobles

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 24 players


OrganizerTorunn Lea Igeland
OrganizerMaren Sofie Løfsgård


Welcome to the hunting lodge of Lord Chippenham, where the air is crisp and fresh and smells of old traditions and new money. Join the party of friends gathering to spend a couple of weeks in the north of England, the smart set of bright young things from Europe and America coming together to dance, talk, play, paint, discuss, sing, drink and just have a swell time! The year is 1929, the war is far behind us, the future is bright, and life is good when you’re young and wealthy. For the staff, working to ensure that the guests have a grand old time, life is more busy and less glamorous, but just as interesting and full of possibilities.

This is a larp set in the exciting time that was the 1920s, an era that saw great social differences, new forms of art and music, new ideas about women’s place in society, and American prohibition (followed by a crime wave). It was a time of great change, where some young people discarded the old ways of doing things, while others clung to the greatness of the past. We will explore the difference in culture between the old European aristocracy and the more modern American millionaires, as well as between the working and the land-owning classes.

This is a small and intimate larp, and the focus will be on the characters’ relationships to each other, across and along social, economical and personal divides, in a situation that is out of the ordinary and everyday life for everyone.

All players will portray characters who are 25-40 years of age.

Runs 🗺️

4. - 9. July 2023🗺️Norway: Run 1
3. - 8. October 2023🗺️Norway: Run 2


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