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Operation Dreamcatcher

RPG system: ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game


OrganizerChris Shipton


A sector of space is seeing crazed incidents, colonists killing each other, scientist blasting themselves into space, ships scuttled. USCMC Command has triangulated the incidents and found an abandoned Weyland Yutani Network array at the centre of it all. And it's transmitting. And you're going it to find out what's happening.

This is a short pre-written scenario from Alien RPG's Colonial Marine book designed to be played in one 4hr session. No prior experience of the game is required and all materials will be provided. Alien RPG has mature themes (horrible and very deadly monsters) - so be warned.

Play as one of a team of crack Colonial Marines sent on a dangerous mission, and hope you make it out alive!

Played at

UK GamesExpo (2023)

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