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The Pirate formerly known as Prince

RPG system: Conan 2d20 Robert E. Howard's Conan
Participants: 1 GM, 5 players


Many a pirate's tale talks of treasures beyond your wildest imaginations, but many a pirate's tale also ends in ruin and a treasure map of loot lost long ago. So you hear of this tale in the taverns of Argos, gleefully, narrating how this flamboyant Zingaran pirate, formerly known as Prince, met his doom at the hands of the beautiful maidens of the sea. Your wiser pirate comrades with ears to the ground also say it was the massive amounts of debt that may have orchestrated the ploy of disappearance. No matter, you have got your hands on a piece of the treasure map. The other part is rumored to belong to his beloved sea maiden, Alluhandra of the Wild Winds, yet no man has returned from a sojourn to that lost isle alive. But fortunately the old griot you met in Kush down The Black Coast read a wondrous fate for you, and so you expect your crew will fare differently. Or so you lie to yourselves, because what is worth more in life, than the thrill of chasing down treasures with comrades in arms by your side. TAGS: sword and sorcery, violence, horror, robert e. howard's themes

Played at

UK GamesExpo (2023)

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