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A Sisterly Soiree

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-15 players


✏️James Goodman

Retford Moot B (2023), Retford Hotel, Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

OrganizerJames Goodman


The Bonnet sisters are in need of some husbands - or at least their mother is firmly persuaded of this necessity. Fortunately there appear to be a crop of suitable young bloods, some of whom may even be in possession of the requisite fortune.

This is a light, structured live game heavily influenced by the novels of a certain Hampshire rector and the game, ‘Marrying Mr. Darcy’. Roles are highly gendered, and in several parts of the game men and women will play in separate groups. It is set in rural Regency society sometime shortly after 1800.

There probably won’t be high levels of angst, and the character sheets are short, with most inter-character relationships being developed in-game. As the game progresses the men may (or may not) develop their military, commercial or church careers as they seek to become a worthy suitor of the right sister. The women will develop their music and needlework with the complementary intention.
Content Warnings
Warning - this game is highly gendered. Characters are either male or female, with generally gender-appropriate goals and behaviour (as defined by classic tropes for Regency society).

Played at

Retford Moot B (2023)

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