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The Destiny of Dhoesone

RPG system: D&D 3rd Edition


✏️John Amos
OrganizerJohn Amos


Simple to play 3rd edition DnD with the characters being asked to attend the Chamberalin of the Realm to find out who is to be the new Duke - Politics and role play some dice rolling - there I've said the naughty word

Following the death of the previous Duke of Dhoesone, who had held together the realm of Dhoesone from his Capital in Sonderlind; Helaene Dosiere has commanded all the heads of the lands to attend a feast of rememberance. She obviously wants your advice on whom should succeed the Duke as he died with no clear heirs to the throne.

Can you help, can you survive, can you succeed!

Played at

Curious Consequences (2009)

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