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Fates in Grey

Participants: 25-30 players

Organized by

Wylde Deluzion


✏️Jenny Andersson
✏️Alex Helm
✏️Rich Wood

Bizarre Consequences (2008), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerJenny Andersson
OrganizerAlex Helm


Wylde Deluzion presents a game of politics, intrigue and dark fantasy.

For centuries, the rival nations of Malova, Terethia and Landston have been waging war on each other, motivated by demands for resources and over moral differences. During this time, the secretive elves have been hiding away in their forests only coming out when provoked into battle with Landston. But things have been changing. Uneasy truces and stalemates have driven the war to a standstill, and a continuing state of resentful antagonism between the nations has developed instead. Some look ahead to the future and the possibility of peace. But others will do anything to ensure that the war continues for as long as possible.

Recently a surprise invitation was sent to the rulers of Malova and Terethia. The elves, hidden away for so long, finally want to enter the political and social arena, and to do that they have arranged a gathering and ceremony of importance. This a long-awaited chance for humans to see some of the secrets of the elves and their magic. Tonight is the big night. But to everyone's dismay, a delegation from Landston appears to have turned up, along with the powerful Trade Coalition.


The Western Lands:


The northern kingdom of Malova is renowned for its landscape of outstanding natural beauty and for the religious devotion of its population. Most Malovans worship Ardenes, the god of Truth and Justice. The country is ruled over by the indomitable Order of Ardenes, a theocratic organisation pledged to the spiritual and mundane well-being of the people. Ardenes is a god of power, and he grants his clerics and paladins various powers against the Evil that seeks to corrupt and destroy the world. Most Malovans think there is no greater evil than that which lies on the other side of their border – the city-state of Landston.


A large mostly rural kingdom with a feudal structure. The monarchal country is divided up into domains each ruled over by a noble Lord or Lady. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of noble rivalry and internal wars and conquests are common. The country is ruled over by the king, but he is considered to be somewhat powerless, the Kingdom totally under the control of the nobles. The country is known for its huge social differences, with the wealthy nobles stuffing their pockets with gold at the expense of the poverty-stricken peasants. A year ago vast swathes of the northern territories, including the city of Perle were invaded and captured by Landston, an issue that is still causing political and diplomatic tensions to date.


The city of Landston was originally part of Terethia. But it was remote and neglected and became a haven for pirates and ne’er-do-wells. Many tried to tame it and all failed, until a Malovan paladin named Marius Montmarde stepped in. His quest had been to destroy the evil in this city of villainy, but instead he embraced it, abandoning his god, Ardenes and declaring himself Overlord. A short while later, Landston declared its independence from Terethia. Montmarde then opened up the city to pirates, brigands, and persecuted races such as orcs and trolls. The city grew rapidly, becoming a haven for anyone and anything that embraced darkness or simply had no other place to go. A number of mages arrived, lured by the lack of restrictions on dark magic such as necromancy, and a large Academy sprung up. The city’s future was secured. Lord Marius Montmarde ruled as Overlord harshly and firmly, and managed to defeat the armies of Terethia seeking to reclaim the land and Malova seeking to destroy the evil. 200 years later, the city and nation has grown into one of the most powerful entities in the world. The current Overlord is Marius’s direct descendent, Lady Arelle Montmarde. With her husband, the mighty General Derrin Ravenko, Landston is stronger and more terrifying than ever.

The Glorious Elven Kingdoms

For centuries, the elves have kept themselves to themselves, hiding away within the depths and darkness of their forests. Many have entered, trying to learn more and none have ever returned. Some years ago, Landston waged war on the elves, whilst trying to claim vast swathes of the forests for lumber. The elves appeared in their thousands to attempt to drive the invaders off, and the war ended in stalemate. Once again the elves retreated into the forests, ignoring all events and issues between the other nations. Only recently have they emerged, offering this unique invitation to the humans to see some of their world.

The Trade Coalition

On the far away eastern continent, rival nations of short humans (known to outsiders as halflings) waged war on each other for many centuries. After a long time, compromise was reached in the form of complex trade agreements. In time, a powerful coalition emerged to govern trade interests and mutual agreements. It was not long before the Trade Coalition was formalised, and soon trade was being offered not just across the Eastern Continent but right across to the Western Lands as well. The Trade Coalition are the only body who will openly trade with the hated state of Landston. It maintains a neutral front, holding no affiliations other than to itself and the accumulation of vast riches. These days, the Trade Coalition is a huge and complex organisation, employing many humans and other races as well as halflings.

About the World

This setting has been developed for running high level political games, in which player characters have some element of control over the future and direction of their nations. Alliances can be created or destroyed, wars started and armies deployed. This is a live action game based on these principles.

Played at

Bizarre Consequences (2008)

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