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At Least it Isn't Snowing

RPG system: Hot War
Participants: 3-6 players


✏️Mik Reed
OrganizerMik Reed


This game has ADULT THEMES, there will be grime, there will be blood, there will be people being nasty to little old ladies and all manner of icky-ness.

It's London in the 60's but not as we know it. America and Russia went Nuclear and More over the Cuban Missile Crisis, all manner of supernatural, biological and occult weaponry culled from the Nazi's in WW2 and refined and improved in the intervening years was unleashed on the world, England did not escape the downpour.In this bleak place all you can do is hope your fellow Special Investigation Group workmates are trustworthy, and struggle through, thanking your lucky stars that at least your job gives you more than just gruel to eat and a solid roof above your head. Especially as it hasn't stopped raining for the last week and the rising water levels are forcing all manner of things out of the darkness of the sewers...

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Bizarre Consequences (2008)

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