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Apocalypse Arcanum

RPG system: Picking Up The Pieces
Participants: 1 GM, 6-12 players


✏️Alex Helm
OrganizerAlex Helm
👍Mo Holkar
👍Heidi Kaye
👍Alli Mawhinney
👍Cathriona Tobin
👍Traci Whitehead


The innately magical world of Zazubar was once a fantasy paradise, with lush green plant-life, a myriad of enchanting creatures, faeries, dragons and more. The Council of Wizards comprised the most powerful magic-users in the world, and they were charged with protecting the world.

They failed.

Centuries of disagreement, corruption, experimentation and magical accidents have left the world a ravaged wasteland.

Now the Council must convene one last time, and find a way to save their world...

This game uses the 'Picking Up The Pieces' format devised by Mo Holkar, Heidi Kaye, Alli Mawhinney, Cat Tobin, and Traci Whitehead. The game will begin with a group workshop exercise in which the characters are created, and then play will commence in real-time. At the end of the game, the players will need to make choices that will affect the final outcome and the fate of Zazubar.

This game is intended to be fairly lighthearted, but not outright silly/comedic. Think fairy-tale-type fantasy. Themes explored will include heroism/anti-heroism, consequences of actions, the morals of pushing the boundaries, and the clash between personal ambition and doing the right thing.

All characters will be wizards, so for costume, bring out your fanciest robes, pointy hats, staves and wands!

Played at

Lucky Consequences (2018)

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