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A Company of Heroes

RPG system: D&D 5th Edition
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players


OrganizerVilhelm Lindholm


The invitation had called you to join together with the greatest heroes of the land, to fight the encroaching evil in what is left of Empire of Irior. Finally, your chance to greatness had arrived! The idea of daring deeds, adventure, treasure and unfathomable epicness was a glowing contrast to your current, seemingly insignificant, existence. Leaving everything behind, you set out towards the east, passing streams of refugees, running away from what you were moving towards, finally arriving in Port Morose, where a vessel was waiting to whisk you across the Menon Sea.

The vessel was not perhaps the majestic ship you had expected. The rickety boat was cramped and small, skippered by a looming tower of a man who reeked of cheese. Naturally, you thought, recruits could hardly expect a galleon. Still...

Eyeing the motley group of other strangers who boarded with you, each with their own invitation, you start to wonder what sort of people they are. They don't look much like the greatest heroes of the land. But then, to be fair, after days on the road neither do you. Surely, things will be much more impressive once you arrive in Cawold, and enter the halls of the Company of Heroes.

This game features premade characters starting at level 1. I hope to provide a low threshold game for all kinds of players, (age 10-99). Players are hoped to be able to fill in details about their backstory and contribute to the world as it forms around them. The play style is story driven, and there will be a lot of opportunities to roleplay, although it is not strictly required. The setting will be standard fantasy, with elements of lighthearted humor. If you have been interested in D&D and want to try it out, this could be the game for you. The game will be played in English.

Beginner friendly
Styles: Story driven
Genre: Fantasy, Exploration, Humor

Played at

Ropecon (2018)

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