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Saga of the Five Gods

RPG system: LARP


The Event

Saga of the Five Gods will be about exploring one of the new continents of Mythodea and homeland of the Skargen: Rhînland. Here you can learn everything about the feared people from the North, their history, culture and religion, and explore the many mysteries and unseen creatures this continent has in store for you!

This event is not for the faint of heart! We will rely heavily on Play to Struggle, showing you a darker, grittier side of the Mythodea world. Rhînland is a cruel and hungry place, marked by scarcity. The shadows here are deeper and the monsters have more teeth!

With this new chapter of Mythodea Stories we will also up the production value: our new location offers dark woods, swampy hills, and an open lake, in addition to new elaborate props and set pieces. If you loved Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or the 13th Warrior, you’ll feel right at home here!

While this event takes place in Denmark near the German border, it is aimed at all international LARP players out there. The spoken and written language will be English; that includes every Outgame announcement and all briefings as well as all Ingame documents and NPC role play to allow more people than ever before to be part of this exciting new story!

The Story

The Skargen have haunted our lands for years and the roaring seas for even longer. Now, with our knowledge about the world around Mitraspera growing, it is clear that the answer to the never-ending waves of Skargen can only be found in one place: Rhînland, their cursed homeland.

But the continent is haggard, savage, merciless. The inhabitants, in their desperation close to madness, are a constant danger. Unknown forces are at work, and the threshold between the spheres is so thin here that it’s almost like the Gods themselves walk among the mortals and play their cruel game with them.

Rhînland is dark and unpredictable. The torches and campfires burn paler, and the darkness is deeper, hiding new, unimaginable creatures. A whisper from the mossy undergrowth of a forest, a screech from deep within a pitch-black cavern, the roar of an entire Skargen fleet almost drowned out by the raging of the ocean, these may all be the last sounds you ever hear. Be on your guard as you enter this cursed continent, for everything here craves your blood – and ultimately your death.

Chapter #1: Deception of Askalar

The first chapter will bring you to a remote island off the coast of Rhînland, hidden by dense fog. Razor-sharp rocks and unpredictable currents forced your ship to land, and now you are facing the mysterious island, its pale inhabitants, and the creatures that lurk in the shadows, until your ship is repaired. But the longer you spend in this eerie place, the more you get the feeling that your landing here hasn’t been an accident at all but a misguided invitation by one of the Skargen Gods, Askalar himself…

Runs 🗺️

21. - 24. September 2023🗺️Stevningshus Scoutcenter, Aabenraa, Denmark


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