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Have Submarine, Will Travel

RPG system: FATE Fate Core (Deep Six)
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players


OrganizerPontus Andersson


Under the seas of the planet New Europa, riches await those driven enough to claim them.

The heroes are contracted by an eccentric professor of xeno-archaeology to take her and her assistant to the alien ruins at the bottom of the world sea of New Europa. Along the way they find out that not all is as it seems, and more parties are interested in these ruins than just the professor, and that these parties are willing to kill for what is in the ruins.

Remember, there is always a bigger fish out there.

(Deep Six is a game about adventure in sci-fi submarines beneath the waves of an alien sea. The system used is Fate Core, and the scenario uses pre-generated characters.)

Attribuutit: Seikkailu / Exploration, Sci-fi

Played at

Ropecon (2017)

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