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The Last Conclave

Participants: 14-18 players


✏️Roger Gammans
✏️Buster Jangles
✏️Su Jolly
✏️Traci Whitehead

Mythic Consequences (2019), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerRoger Gammans
OrganizerBuster Jangles
OrganizerSu Jolly
OrganizerTraci Whitehead


The Last Conclave is a character driven game. It's a game about change and coping with change, not a game about preventing change.

The game is set around a Lavish reception a Town council has laid on with almost no notice to Welcome a group of Mages who have apparently arrived in the town. Also attending are local Guild Grandmasters and some High church officials (of the different churches) and a representative of the King.

Of course when they say Welcome what these mundane folks want from the Mages is to press their case for special attention and extra Magical aid.

For this world is mediated by magic, nobody does anything without asking a Mage to enchant something to ease their job, their travel or whatever. Magic is a resource which greases the world. Living without magic is as would be a burden to the people of this world as living without all technologies is would be to us.

Yet to ensure magic is available to all, dispute the rarity of Magical skill and other arcane difficulties - deals have been done and there is a darkness in the world.

Your character will have a backstory, set of interests and some sort of religious faith or dogma, and will represent some faction or other. Most characters have other faction members to work with, or against. As well as your character sheet you will receive a summary of all the factions, a document on your faction and its secrets and a document of the Religion. What you won't get is detailed goals and complicated interlinked plot; your character's desires and fears should drive the action.

Finally I will re-iterate this is a dark game; if you expect happy beginnings and the possibility of happy endings this probably isn't a game for you. This game is about making the best of a bad situation.

In case you've missed it this Game is set in a world with dark undercurrent. The game touches upon themes of Kidnap, Murder, Suicide and dubious consent.

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Mythic Consequences (2019)

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