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The Kantaberri Tales

Participants: 20-24 players


✏️Christian Jensen
✏️Thomas Nowell
OrganizerChristian Jensen
OrganizerThomas Nowell
OrganizerHugh Wake


On the shrine world of Kantaberri, pilgrims are gathering at the Basilica of Grace. This site marks the spot where followers of St. Dawkins defeated the cultists of Auntie Vacs. Above in the sky the pilgrims expect to follow the bright trail of a guiding spaceship, bringing pilgrims from distant worlds - but this year there are multiple trails converging on the planet, greatly confusing the locals.

Every year, the faithful gather to perform their rituals. Every year, the different are brought forward for examination, to see if they should be held back for the Black Ships that take the tithe. Every year, heretics are publicly punished and orthodoxy encouraged. Surely this year you will blessed more than ever!

This is a darkly humorous game set in a grimdark universe, with a slightly greater focus on the Adeptus Ministrorum than in most games.

If you want to play an Imperial citizen with rank, it helps to know a bit about the Warhammer 40,000 universe. A basic guide will be provided. If you are happy to play a pilgrim from a backwater you don't need any prior knowledge - you will receive a briefing sheet on things everyone from your planet knows. The game will feature discussions of imperial faith and orthodoxy, intrigue around the planet's history, and the possibility of inquisitorial action.

Played at

Mythic Consequences (2019)

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