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The Cabalistic Conclave of Carnage

RPG system: Picking Up The Pieces
Participants: 8-15 players


✏️Chris Robinson

Mythic Consequences (2019), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerKen Marquetecken
OrganizerAllison Mawhinney
OrganizerChris Robinson


Built using the "Picking Up The Pieces" game system. The World Monster Association (WMA) have convened for their annual general meeting, let�s just hope it goes better than last year! Almost everyone agrees that new members are needed, but are these new �movie monsters� really the best candidates? This year�s proposed new members are Chucky the Possessed Doll and, erm, Robert the Psychokinetic Tyre?

Dracula is still in a mood about the pranks that were pulled on him at the last AGM: garlic in the blood dip, a daylight bulb in his coffin-side lamp, and holy water in the water cooler; and as a result, he is refusing to attend. In his stead, a junior Vampire has been sent, who is a mere 120 years old!

How will the other monsters react to this obvious snub? Will the Zombie manage to keep it together? Will the Werewolf stay off the furniture?

Everyone attending has their own agenda, and some are in direct opposition to the mass consensus, so things could get ugly. With some luck, at least SOME of the delegates will survive until the end of the meeting.

Characters will be built during the game, and there are many different monsters to play, so costuming will be difficult. However, if anyone wants to dress as a specific type of monster, a reservation could be made; BUT, there is only ONE of each type of monster, so there is no guarantee you can be your favourite monster.

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Mythic Consequences (2019)

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