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Drake's Nebula

Participants: 6 players


✏️Tony Mitton
OrganizerTony Mitton


The sole surviving lifeboat of Sakura Season drifts almost without power, far from any shipping lane. Its occupants have little hope until they make a chance discovery deep in an asteroid field within Drake's Nebula.

Drake's Nebula is a short, fairly hard science fiction game with several inspirations. Characters will be a disparate group, forced to work together in order to survive. Sakura Season was attacked - who was responsible and what are they after?

Because, well just because really, we're going to use the 'Empty Epsilon' system to simulate the starships in the game. No prior knowledge of this is preferred and players don't need to bring anything save themselves to the game.

Character sheets will be four to six pages long, with about four pages of background. There will be computer screens in the game. Costuming is always optional.

Played at

Mythic Consequences (2019)

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