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Ghosts of Lancel Manor

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6 players


✏️Alex Helm
OrganizerAlex Helm


Lancel Manor is an old estate out in the countryside, abandoned for generations. Famously haunted, it regularly features on ghost hunting websites and TV shows.

But who are the ghosts of Lancel Manor? How did they die, and why are they there? Trapped for eternity, the ghosts themselves yearn for answers, but unable to touch anything or interact with each other, all they can do is wait in solitude and despair.

Now something is changing. Something is giving the ghosts more power. Perhaps they can finally learn the truth and break free of their torment. Then again, an even worse fate may be in store for them.

In this game, the players are the ghosts, able to interact with the world and communicate with each other for the first time. The game will start as text chat only, then voice, then finally video. However, they may not like what they find out...

Content warning: Horror movie stuff. Most of the ghosts had brutal and violent deaths (think movies like Saw). If you are squeamish or easily scared or upset, this may not be the game for you.

Character sheets will be 3-4 pages long. There may be some extra material to read during the game (contingencies).

Played at

Otherworldly Consequences (2021)

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