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Dicing With Death

RPG system: Matrons of Mystery
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players


OrCCon (2022), Hilton, Los Angeles Airport, CA, United States

OrganizerScott Joest

Continuum (2022), John Foster Hall at the University of Leicester. Oadby, Leicester, United Kingdom

OrganizerMartin Pickett


A roleplaying game convention in the nearby hotel has seen your quiet village overrun by strange people in incomprehensible t-shirts, and if that wasn’t enough excitement, their star guest is found murdered.

The police are getting nowhere fast. But there’s one thing the killer hadn’t counted on. A village full of old ladies with time on their hands and a keen eye for murder.

Matrons of Mystery is a cosy mystery RPG inspired by British TV crime dramas such as Miss Marple and Rosemary & Thyme.

Played at

OrCCon (2022)
Continuum (2022)

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