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Tower of the Moon

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12 players

Organized by



✏️Nickey Barnard
✏️Alex Helm
✏️Alex Jones
✏️Lucinda Machell-ffolkes
✏️Rich Perry

Retford Moot A (2022), Retford Hotel, Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

OrganizerNickey Barnard

Continuum (2023), Leicester University Hall of Residence, Oadby, United Kingdom

OrganizerNickey Barnard


It is the beginning of the Third Age of Middle-Earth. Númenor may have fallen but the Númernóreans have not - Gondor is strong and the line of Elendil holds the throne in Osgiliath.

In the city of Minas Ithil, the bulwark that holds back the hordes of Mordor, a grand festival is happening. Royal Warden Arahael has put out a call for suitors for the hand of the Royal Heir, Andreth. The contenders have come from far and wide to prove their worth in the hope of marrying into royalty. However, the festival is also a chance for diplomacy, so emissaries from the different peoples of Middle-Earth have come to discuss matters and forge alliances.

However, things are not all well at Minas Ithil. A year ago, the forces of Mordor started building a great host outside the city walls, with the clear intention to invade. They are led by a strange shadowy figure who inspires dread and sorrow in anyone unfortunate to be close enough.

A few months later, the Royal Warden, Leara disappeared. With the Heir, Andreth, still too young to inherit, the crown passed to the Royal Consort, Arahael. More than a few people have wondered too about the increasing influence of the court advisor, Deleb Grimheart.

Perhaps the festival is a chance for hope - a way to bring light to the heart of a beleaguered realm. Or perhaps it is merely a step on the city’s long inexorable fall to darkness. Only time will tell…

Note: This game is actually a lot lighter and dare I say it, sillier, than this description makes it sound. The original seed of the idea was called not-Thorin's not-Eleven, if that helps :)

Played at

Retford Moot A (2022)
Continuum (2023)

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