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Siege Mentality II

RPG system: LARP


✏️Roger Gammans
✏️J. Tuomas Harviainen


PDF Scenario [English] (0.1 MB)


The basic idea is simple: The game takes place in the area where it is played, and to go outside the door means you die. If you're in a convention center, the rest of the building is full of zombies ready to eat your flesh. If you're at a cabin, the windows are boarded (draw the curtains in front of them), and the hordes are waiting right outside. As time goes on, the mood inside the shelter gets more and more tense, and eventually someone - or everyone - will inevitably die.

This scenario starts from the moment when everyone has just run into the safety of the playing area from various directions, whatever it is. One of the characters slams the door shut, and then the play begins. It is therefore important to take note of any shared traits before the game starts, as those should be unveiled at the very beginning. "You! Out of all the people in the world to survive! You bastard, who left me at the altar!" is a great way to kick things off, for example.

This game may not be run for profit. Covering costs is fine, as is charity use, but not any inflated admission fees by a company that earns money by selling larps.

Played at

Solmukohta (2016)

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