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Body Count

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✏️Gordon Olmstead-Dean
✏️Stephanie Olmstead-Dean


A game of dark character roleplaying in White Wolf's World of Darkness. Designed to remind you that Vampires aren't just "normal folks with fangs." If surviving the evening, or winning the game are at the top of your goals, this is not be the game for you. If you only play "nice" blood sucking fiends, who want to "live in harmony" with the kine herd, this isn't the place for you. If you think the Camarilla is a well-meaning organization that honestly and fairly promotes the general good of all vampires, and helps them live peacefully with humans, this isn't the world for you. All characters will be pre-generated. This is not a suitable game for those with strong religious, sexual or moral sensibilities. Vampires are monsters — you will be expected to behave accordingly. This game has intensely strong adult content, and is completely unsuitable for minors.

For seventy years, Prince Marciano has ruled Ile St. Vincent in the St. Lawrence River.

There on the border of Canada, in 1889, the Roman Catholic Church built an Insane Asylum. The Church gave up the Asylum in 1948 when it was taken over by the State of New York as the St. Vincent Mental Hospital. In 1951, a resort hotel opened on the Island.

In 1962, the National Institute of Health opened a research facility, lured by the remote location, and the State's interest in locating a medical research center in the old Asylum. The National Hemotological Research Center found a home.

In 1972, the resort held its last seasonal dance.

In 1980, President Ronald Wilson Reagan cut funding to state run health care institutes. Patients were turned out into the streets. New York shut down the St. Vincent institution. The good life came to an end.

For another eighteen years, blood flowed daily to the NHRC. And a colony of kindred survived. They did not thrive, but they sucked cold blood from plastic bags, and from one night to the next they rose.

In 1997, OMB approved a 4.7 million dollar 1998 funding increase for the NIH, contingent on certain downsizing and privatization measures. On January 20, 1998, NIH Director Harold E. Varmus announced that the NHRC will be combined with existing facilities near Memphis Tennessee.

For eighteen years, Ile St. Vincent has been a haven for the bizarre, the unwanted, those even by the loose standards of Vampire society are too abnormal, dysfunctional, or unwholesome to deal with. Ile St. Vincent was a convenient dumping ground for those who had done nothing to warrant death, and still less to warrant a continuation of their meager unlife.

Now their food supply is days away from ending forever.

The Prince has called a meeting....

The agenda is to be... culling...

Played at

Intercon XIII (1998)

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