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Sneaks Inc

Front page for Sneaks Inc

Participants: 1-4 players


DesignerBastian Borup


You are on the floor of the factory, competing against your co-workers at the other conveyer belts producing shoes. Who will best fulfill the customers needs? In this fast moving strategy game you will need to carefully manage your piles of different shoe types on your ever advancing conveyer bbel. You will flip shoe tiles, make extra (risky) advancements of both your and your opponent’s belt, move and sort the shoes and race to fulfill costumer needs first. You can choose to go cheap or go with quality control and upgrade your machines. Keep a close eye on your opponent to get follow actions and avoid not going for the same customers. Now, back to work!

60-75 min

Played at

Malmö Protospiel 2019 (2019)

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