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The Shiretown Shindig

RPG system: LARP

Organized by

Ye Olde Commons


DesignerBarthold Brizee
DesignerZacary Scott


“Every year, six lively halfling families reunite during the transition from Summer to Autumn. This has been a long loved tradition for generations, as they celebrate the turning of the seasons, health of family & friends and the glory of bragging rights for their family and all round showcasing the best of all halflings.”

This LARP aims to bring people together for wholesome fun, strong roleplay and a tight aesthetic focus. There are no win conditions, and interactions aren’t based on hit points or abilities, the community design itself is the system. We aim to create trust between players by teaching them positive roleplay behaviors, addressing conflict productively, and telling collaborative and meaningful stories. We want our players to partake in engaging interactions with one another for all of our players to partake in as best as they can.

The inspiration of this LARP is varied but also very succinct. Our style of halflings appear in lots of literature and media but are mostly lifted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “hobbits”, with aesthetic themes inspired by the Lord of the Rings Movie trilogy. Hobbit aesthetic list largely inspired by 18th century working class fashions, particularly those in Britain and the Netherlands.

Runs 🗺️

22. - 24. September 2022🗺️Ye Olde Commons, Charlton MA, United States
22. - 24. September 2023🗺️Ye Olde Commons, Charlton MA, United States


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