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Grimmore Productions


✏️Jess Comstock
✏️Carly Smallbird
✏️Vivien Grimm (Writer and director)


Step back in time into the life of a Jane Austen protagonist… or villain. Regency England was a time of unparalleled cultural expectations, chaperones, coming out balls, and marriage as a business proposal. Explore romantic intrigue, duels at dawn, secrets and scandal, and more.

The year is 1803 and Lady Elinor Davenport is throwing her yearly ball. Every eligible young lady, gentleman, and dandy will be there. However, everything isn’t what it seems, and rumors of war are stirring on the horizon. Hidden identities, forbidden romances, intrigue, courtship, gossip, and secrets abound in this game set in Regency-era England. Build dance cards, discover mysteries, negotiate allowances, and slight old rivals. No happy ending ever did come easy. Dancing will be instructed by a professional caller. Join us for a chance to play a role in your own Jane Austen novel!

Runs 🗺️

31. March - 2. April 2023🗺️DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin, United States
12. - 14. April 2024🗺️DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin, United States
19. - 21. April 2024🗺️DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin, United States


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