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The Church of Joy and the Church of Suffering

Front page for The Church of Joy and the Church of Suffering

RPG system: Kult: Divinity Lost
Participants: 1 GM, 4 players




Modern day Los Angeles. You've been invited to a dinner party by some old friends you haven't seen in awhile. Ex-spouses, paramours, friends you have lost contact with, acquaintances you barely recognize, it should be a sufficiently awkward evening. But things get stranger as the night goes on and the reasons you've fallen apart start bubbling under the surface. There have been changes in this house that you once knew intimately. You start getting the feeling that this isn't a mere social call.

Content Warnings: Cults, brainwashing, grief, (past) harm to children, suicide, violence.

Played at

The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)

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