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The Protocol

Front page for The Protocol

RPG system: Kult: Divinity Lost
Participants: 1 GM, 4 players


✏️Crystal Wartmann
OrganizerCrystal Wartmann


In 1973 in the crime addled Tenderloin district of San Francisco people have been mysteriously disappearing. But you would never know it by watching the news or reading the paper. These disappearances have been largely ignored by city officials, police, and the media. Everyone on the street has heard the rumors, the whispers, but everyone on the street also knows they have been targeted because society has decided that they will not be missed. Players are locals of the Tenderloin district and the latest victims that have mysteriously disappeared.

Content Warnings: Descriptions of physical and psychological torture, body horror and gore

Played at

The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)

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