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The Bunker

Front page for The Bunker

RPG system: Ten Candles
Participants: 1 GM, 4 players


OrganizerEric Gustafsson


Ten days ago the sun went dark. Five days ago "They" first appeared, spreading terror and confusion in the city. Your characters have met up in a boardroom at the top floor of city hall. It was here that all of you; the ones best suited to take lead, were supposed to meet if a disaster of this scale would occur. So few of you have made it here ...

You know of "The Bunker"; probably the safest place to be right now. It's not that far from the city, but the way is dark and treacherous. And you're not going alone. A group of about fifty civilians have gathered in the lobby, hoping that you will bring them to safety. Will the bus be enough to save them all? Are the resources going to last? What if "They" attack? Time is short and you have to move.

Ten Candles is a roleplaying game of tragic horror, in which we collaboratively tell a story about a group of people trying to escape the darkness. The system is easy to learn and characters are created at the start of the session.

Content Warnings: Darkness, Inevitable Death

Played at

The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)

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