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In the Rings of the Planet

RPG system: The Vast Void
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players


OrganizerKatja Lindblom


Decades has passed since the mining of Saturn's rings ceased to operate. Since then no one but scientists have had any reason to approach the ringed system.
Everything is calm and the space around Saturn and its moons ever so tranquil, until one day when the Titan research center picks up a strange electromagnetic emissions coming from the section of the planet's rings that amongst the miners used to be known as the "Rings of Sorrow". As the sensitive instruments of the research center are disturbed by these new emissions, some of the Titan's staff are forced leave their station in order to find out the source of the interference.
Science fiction, mystery and horror with a slight chance of silliness.

Played at

KryptCon VII (2022)

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