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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 150 players

Organized by

Reverie Studios


✏️Rachel Wilkinson
DesignerTyler Brown
DesignerChris Eaton
DesignerGarett Kopczynski
DesignerJuhana Pettersson
DesignerKen Pickering


Saturnalia is an intense high-value live action role-playing Vampire: The Masquerade event set within the vibrant, alluring, and eclectic French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana; a true melting pot of cultures, unique heritage, and proud traditions. Immerse yourself in a Larp where the city is your event-space and where you control your destiny. This is a fully immersive experience, where every one of your choices makes a difference.

This immersive street-level event is set in the present day - in a city that embodies the modern gothic aesthetic of Vampire: The Masquerade. As your character moves through the night, you will stroll through the bustling boulevards of the French Quarter as you make your way from venue to venue, exploring all the event has to offer.

Although the war between the Anarch Movement and the Camarilla has raged since the Convention of Prague, Saturnalia - an ancient festival and holiday in honor of the god Saturn - has always been a night of unbridled celebration where vampires from across the globe put aside their fear, revel in the freedom and gifts of the vampiric condition, and gather for an unforgettable night of splendor. But with the Beckoning upsetting social constructs and the rise of the Second Inquisition, many vampires fear that this year may be the last.

Saturnalia is a Larp about personal drive, self determination, and self-actualization in the wake of sweeping changes and unprecedented threats.
Discover who you truly are.
Take your place in the night.


November 12, 2022, New Orleans, United States


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