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Rogue Angels - Legacy of the Burning Suns

Front page for Rogue Angels - Legacy of the Burning Suns

Genre: Sci-Fi
Participants: 1-4 players


DesignerEmil Larsen


Rogue Angels is a character-driven co-op Sci-Fi adventure for 1-4 players. The game blends engaging narrative with impactful choices and multiple paths through various missions and personal journeys. The game merges tactical combat with fluent turns and action management with asymmetric abilities. Fight behavior-driven enemies through combined card and dice play.

Rogue Angels takes you through stealth missions, search and rescue, infiltration, evacuations, sabotage and much more, allowing you freedom in methods and agency in choices.

90 minutes

Emil Larsen fra Sun Tzu Games demoer sit nye brætspil, sat i Burning Suns universet.
Kræver Tabletop Simulator.

Se mere på siden kickstarterem der kører til august.

Played at

cOnline 2022 - Nu med Ninja! (2022)
Aarhus Brætspilsfestival '23 (2023)

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