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Eclipse of the Journetman

RPG system: Visual Reality


✏️Birgitte Vince Heuschkel


EclipseMUD Welcome Board.

Msg. 22 from Marcel (4 appends).

If anyone is interested, Stella and I are going to try to host a European MudMeet. This is your great chance to meet your friends and enemies in real life. We live in Denmark, so most who attend will most likely be Scandinavian players - but heck, if you live in Hawaii, you’re still welcome. In order not to spam the welcome board any futher, mudmail Stella or me for details, and we’ll try to set up an email mailing list for those who are considering or already have decided to attend. Oh year. Playerkilling will be disabled during MudMeet *wink* *poke* *grin*.

Yours, Lord Marcel Alexander, Esquire.

Played at

Con Dôme (1998)

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