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The Great Martian Tripod Race

RPG system: Manifold
Participants: 1 GM, 6 players


Conpulsion (2023), Teviot Row House, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

OrganizerMartin Pickett

UK GamesExpo (2023), NEC and Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, United Kingdom

OrganizerMartin Pickett


Short Description: Get the first ever human tripod racer onto the start line, despite a hostile take-over and the Martian clans. A Steampunk adventure on Victorian Mars.
Long Description: Franklin is the first human competitor in tripod racing history. But with his sponsor Beauford-Montgomery Trading locked in a hostile takeover battle with the richest man on two planets, and the Martian tripod racing clan out to stop him, can you as his team even get him to the start line?

A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars.

Trigger Warnings: None

Played at

AireCon 5 (2019)
Conpulsion (2023)
UK GamesExpo (2023)

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