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The Legend Of The Glas Gaivlen

RPG system: Tuatha De Danaan (Yin-Yang System)
Participants: 1 GM, 6 players


AireCon 6 (2020), Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, United Kingdom

OrganizerMartin Pickett

UK GamesExpo (2023), NEC and Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, United Kingdom

OrganizerMartin Pickett


The Tuatha De Danaan, mythic gods of Celtic legend. They fight, scheme and steal for honour, revenge and power. Bes, half-Fomoran King of the Tuatha De Danaan, bows his knee and pays tribute to the Fomorans in exchange for peace. The Tuatha De Danaan simmer in outrage at their oppression.

The prized cow Glas Gaivlen has been stolen from the smith Goibniu and his brothers Cian and Samthainn. Without knowing the identity of the thief, hot-headed Cian has vowed to take it back or have his revenge. As members of his band, you have been chosen to fulfil Cian's vow.

Played at

AireCon 6 (2020)
UK GamesExpo (2023)

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