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Cruiser's End

RPG system: Star Wars 2nd Ed.


✏️Carsten Thorngaard Christensen


The withdrawal of New Republic forces from the remote Taiphoon Sector has dramatically threatened the balance between Republic and Imperial. Now that the New Republic has left, the Empire have left their former sanctuaries of their fortress worlds and begun predating on the New Republic planets. War has erupted throughout the sector.

Abandoned by the military Moris Dyhal and his loyal New Republic Marshals volunteer to aid an ambassador in an attempt to marshal the forces of the free worlds in the sector to counter the imperial threat. Though successful at first they realize the magnitude of just convincing one planet to fight, shaken but not despairing they continue to the small and seemingly unimportant planet of Xerxes. Only to find out that they might be too late…

Played at

Con Dôme (2000)

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