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Blood & Iron

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 19-24 players


✏️Hannah Lipsky


Five hundred years ago, not a cradle went unplundered that didn't have iron hung above it. Wil'o'wisps lured travelers to their deaths and beautiful young mortals were spirited away for the entertainment of the Faerie courts. Five hundred years ago, the Prometheus Club formed with the intent of protecting humans from all things fae. In the ensuing centuries, the Prometheans bound the magic of Faerie in steel and iron, wrapping the world in railroads and dampening the belief of mortals in magic. They were so successful that most mortals have forgotten Faerie even exists. Now Faerie is weakened and diminished, and the time has come for the mages of the Prometheus Club to strike the final blow. Tonight's the night of Halloween, when the Faerie court do ride and the worlds are closer than at any other time. But Faerie is not without its secrets or its weapons, and all of those may come to bear tonight.

True Faerie tales don't end with "happily ever after." If you achieve a single one of your stated goals you should be ecstatic, and even more so if you do it without imperiling your immortal soul. Unless you're fae. Faeries don't have immortal souls, so you'll have to find something else to imperil. Nothing in Faerie comes free.

Blood & Iron is inspired by the book of the same name by Elizabeth Bear, but many changes have been made for the sake of LARP playability, so don't be too worried about spoilers if you've read the book.

Tonight's the night of Halloween, when the Faerie court do ride. Will the mages of the Prometheus Club be able to stop them before all is lost? Blood & Iron is a chaotic secrets-and-powers game sprawling across modern-day NYC and Faerie with factions, betrayal, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and PvP combat.

Note: The GM for this game is flying from across the country, and thus more likely to need to cancel due to covid concerns than local GMs. Hopefully this will not happen, but it does make signing up for this game slightly more of a gamble.



*What is the cannon fodder experience like?*

Cannon fodder PCs are initially normal (appearing) humans who get swept into the action. A cannon fodder character might discover special powers and change the course of fate but is probably just going to end up enslaved and/or eaten, possibly within the first hour of the game. (At which point the GM will provide you a new cannon fodder character or a powerful NPC.) Previous cannon fodder experiences include a college bro who spent the whole night looking for his other bro and ended up with a magic sword that he used to defend a bunch of Mages, a sorority girl who became convinced that Faerie was an interactive art exhibit and gave herself the goal of giving as many people as possible tours of it, and two buddy cops who both got their guns and badges taken away because they were out of control and needed to cool off.


Tonight's the night of Halloween! Which means many of the characters will be dressing up and others will be dressing down on purpose. That woman in jeans and a t-shirt could be a glamoured Faerie Queen. The man in wizard robes could be a long-lost magus of legend or just a normal dude on his way to a frat party. Since many characters have appearance-altering powers, everyone will be wearing a badge holder with an insert that describes their physical appearance, which players will have time to prepare multiple different inserts for before game.

Played at

Intercon U (2022)


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