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Memories of Falkonia

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 14 players, Female characters: 6, Male characters: 6, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 2


✏️Tony Mitton
✏️AJ Smith


And Still They Came ... While Mr Wells' official history of the Anglo-Martian War was a masterly tale, it failed to acknowledge the struggle in other nations, within Europe and elsewhere. Scattered Martian Fighting Machines threatened population centres from Lagos to Lahore, Warwick to Wellington, St Petersburg to Shanghai.

Four years after the failed Martian invasion of Earth, a minor province of the ailing Austro-Hungarian Empire struggles to rebuild. Three months ago, many who sought an independent Falkonia took to the streets of Urlasca, the provincial capital. The uprising was eventually tamed, but tensions still run high.

The remnants of the Martian Tripod Machines are highly desirable to foreign governments and unscrupulous individuals alike. Parts of the machines that menaced Falkonia and neighbouring Transylvania are believed to have surfaced, to the horror of the local authorities. Meanwhile persistent rumours speak of Mad Science experimentation ...

Since the time of the uprising, the German Zeppelin Siegfried has been a regular visitor to Urlasca. While claiming to be part of a "diplomatic mission", the diplomat left 2 months ago. Just what is its mission to Falkonia?

This game takes place 3 months after the events portrayed in "Shadows over Falkonia". There is no need to have played the earlier game - fewer than half of the characters are in both games. However, "Memories of Falkonia" definitely contains spoilers for the earlier game; you may prefer to play "Shadows" first. This forms the middle game of a (loosely connected) trilogy. Some of the secrets introduced in "Shadows" will come out during this game. (A few will persist a little longer). Nevertheless, this game is designed to be playable "standalone", without the other 2 parts.

The game is set in the provincial capital. The characters are part of the military and civilian administration, scientists, industrialists and visitors. Two of the characters are Neutral (i.e. both male and female versions exist, allowing more flexibility of sign-ups). Plots are a mixture of interpersonal and investigation/adventure. Mechanics will be cinematic/abstract; combat may happen, but will be resolved via GM Fiat. (Death might occur very late in the game, but mortally wounded characters can expect to totter on until it's most cinematic to expire).

Played at

Intercon T (2020)

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