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Be the Change You Wish to Sea

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 5-14 players, Living among ruins, they cleave to the past and tradition: 2-4, Sailing on ships, they seek the new and unknown: 2-4, Moving between worlds, they adhere to home and comfort: 1-4, All of the above, or none of the above; it's a surprise!: 0-2

Organized by

The Crystal GMs


✏️Evanleigh Davis
✏️Anna O'Shea
✏️Ace Tayloe
✏️Laura Willard
✏️K Zdepski


Zip Scenario [English] (0.1 MB)


Sit down, you scattered sea-folk: listen as the Spirits sing of the world that was. Of green hills and sandy shores, now swallowed by the rolling waves; of the great cities of old, starting with the wondrous Atlantis, drowned long ago.

Nearly all of the land has sunk beneath the sea, and those who survive have found new ways of life: confined to ships, living as adventurous pirates; transformed into merfolk to remain among their sunken ruins; or born new into an old world as easy-going selkies.

Fortunately, some have started to dream: in their dreams is a prophecy of a new world about to hatch from the Spirits of old. The chosen dreamers can change this new world – and it can change them. Pirates, merfolk, and selkies alike journey forth to the last remaining island in the world to gamble with the Sea Spirit for a chance at shaping the future itself.

“Be the Change You Wish to Sea” is a game of gambling and diplomacy. Bring your dice, bring your dreams, and try not to let the sea swallow you whole.

Winner of the 2018 Iron GM contest, using the following secret ingredients: sea stories, metamorphosis, math, and a silver egg.

Played at

ConBust (2018)
Festival of LARPs (2018)
Intercon T: Turtles (2020)


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