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A Veil Before My Eyes

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6 players, Male characters: 3, Female characters: 3, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 0


✏️Kristen Hendricks


*And she said, Father, Father, give them their freedom, as Thou hast given me mine, and give them this world, as Thou wouldst have given it to me. And so saying she made haste to die.*

—Irsos 19:12

*And she said, How have I offended Thee, that Thou hast led me to this place? And so saying she made haste to die.*

—Calemsis 17:5


This was not meant to be the age of miracles.

There was a time when the Lord and His angels walked the earth, and all who looked upon them knew their power and were afraid. But that was long ago, during the many aeons that saw the creation of the world. It has been nearly two thousand years since the earth was in every respect complete, and perfect, and the Lord gave it to His daughter Anaia, who was more perfect still.

It has been nearly two thousand years since she was slain, and her Father, in grief or obedience to her will, withdrew His hand from the world. The Lord in His heaven may hear prayers, but He does not choose to answer.

Kyria Anaia's will was wise, and mankind has governed itself well in the age that followed. Who can say if the nations would have risen, and flourished, as they have, had they kept their heavenly protector? Who knows if they would have built their steamships, and raised their parliaments, if they had not had to rely on their own judgment? In the past five hundred years they have outgrown even the rule of the Hierarchs, who once governed in the Lord's name, and the new priests will tell you that this too, is good, is right.

But now, in the high places and the small, the world begins to move...

....and the placid halls of the university flare with deadly heresy...

...and the queen of the salons trembles, and the watchers at her seances swear that the visions that attend her are real...

...and a once-hardheaded businessman returns from the desert raving of wings and death...

...and the last heir of the Hierarchs contemplates the ruin of her house, and prepares to sell away her family treasures...

...and the nations whisper *war, war*...

...and all might pray that the world had not forgotten miracles.


*A Veil Before My Eyes* is a game of theology, politics, and uncertainty, in which the choices made by a handful of scholars, ambassadors, and alleged prophets at the auction of the holiest relics of the world might determine the course of history.

*Veil* is a three-hour game for six players. Pregame reading is approximately thirty pages, including rules and substantial background.

This is a game about religion. *Veil* takes place in a world where the major events of a single Abrahamic faith, similar in tone but not identical in content to Protestant Christianity, are known to have happened. There is no in-game disagreement about the existence of the Lord or the divinity of his Child. Every single character cares deeply about theology and religious truth.

*Veil* also contains content relating to disability, sexism, immigration, ethnicity, war, grief, and the fate of the holy land. Approximately five minutes of *Veil* take place in low lighting.

*Veil* does *not* contain any significant sexual elements, and in particular does not contain any discussion of the interaction between faith and sexuality. The religion of *Veil* does *not* have a Hell.

Potential players should consider themselves welcome and encouraged to contact the GM in advance if they have additional questions or concerns.

Played at

Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)

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