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A Reunion at Katmeers

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 10-12 players, Male characters: 2, Female characters: 1-2, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 7-8

Organized by

Luminary Roleplay Society


✏️Sarah Terman


_You're invited!_

_Can you believe it's been ten years already? Come join the rest of your friends from Katmeers Class of 2008 for an evening of catching up with all the news and swapping stories of what you've been up to since graduation. Come early to see an exciting Broom-Ball match between House Faron and House Lanayru, stay to mingle at a casual gathering with light refreshments and cocktails in the newly renovated Great Hall, and finally head home on a special late night run of the Katmeers Express._

_Don't miss out; register today!_


You received this invitation in the mail a few days ago and honestly, you weren't planning on going. While Katmeers School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is indubitably the finest school of the arcane in the world, your particular seven years there were marked by paranoia, misery, and ultimately, tragedy. You had the vast misfortune to be attending Katmeers at the exact same time as Drew Carpenter, who was the destined nemesis of Thevardra the Endless, the Dark Lady herself. Throughout your time at school, Thevardra and Drew played an ongoing game of cat-and-mouse as they vied for control of the three Paragons, relics of incredible power that could, if united, remold the very shape of the world.

Trying to live your life with this going on around you was, simply put, hell. Students were injured, students were killed, students vanished in the night and were never seen again. Instead of having a commencement ceremony where everyone threw hats and paraded around wearing leis, your Katmeers experience culminated in a desperate, climactic battle against the forces of darkness, followed by a funeral for all of your classmates and teachers who were slain, including Drew himself. And in the investigation that followed, nearly a third of your surviving classmates were convicted of being Dark Wizards, and sent up the river to Lon-Lon Prison.

So, no. You hadn't wanted to attend your tenth reunion, or any other. You had no desire to reopen those wounds. But something has called you back. You've got unfinished business with those you went to school with, and this is the time to deal with it. Maybe then you can put all of it behind you and get on with your life.

--- __"A Reunion at Katmeers" is a 3.5 hour secrets and powers LARP for 12 players in the tradition of the Stanford Gaming Society, from which the Luminary Roleplay Society was born. The game has a pre-game announcement period, and time at the end for wrap up and debrief. We will use "Cut and Brake" and "The Open Door Policy" as our primary safety techniques.__

__In this game, players can expect to spend quite a bit of time standing around and talking, reminiscing and angsting about their school days, and lamenting lost time, innocence, and lives. Being a secrets and powers LARP though, there are also secrets to be uncovered, world changing decisions to make, and a reckoning for what happened 10 years ago that could very well come to blows (abstracted combat system; NO boffers). The game is light on mechanics, with very few items, and no environmental features to interact with. GM involvement will be minimal except for rules clarifications and combat adjudication while players get the hang of the system. The action, drama, and stories are all driven by the players and the in character information they start game with. The game is inspired by both Harry Potter and the Legend of Zelda, and is great fun for newcomers and veterans alike.__

Played at

Intercon S (2019)

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