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Into the Silent Sea

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-12 players

Organized by

Paranoid & Crotchety


✏️Lily Benderksaya
✏️Tory Root


*Wherever you were before, all you can see is a blurred and endless sea of stars and sea and fog, without direction or sanity.*

*Whatever ship you came here by is trapped, motionless, sliced open and hanging in this foggy void.*

*Whoever you once were, all you have of yourself now is vague impressions, driving thoughts, and the marks your life inscribed upon your body.*

*And sitting before you is a silver egg, and every time it rattles, fear trickles down your spine...*

Into the Silent Sea, our (edited) 2018 Iron GM contest submission, is a sci-fi amnesia game about colliding realities, the ways in which circumstances transform identity, and bad decisions involving birds. All characters are written without defined gender. This is a roleplay-focused game that will probably involve a lot of emotional processing and interpersonal conflict, with a side of puzzles; it is unlikely to last the full four hours, but may run a little longer than three.

Played at

Intercon S (2019)

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