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Be Your Best Keanu

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-18 players


✏️Ron T. Blechner
✏️Elizabeth Stong


Be Your Best Keanu • 2018 rpg finalist Elizabeth Stong & Ron Blechner Finalist - 2018 200-Word RPG Contest: https://200wordrpg.github.io/2018/rpg/finalist/2018/05/24/BeYourBestKeanu.html

We will be using the "Director's Cut" of Be Your Best Keanu, which is basically the same rules but things spelled out a bit better. An email with the updated rules will go out likely in December.

This is literally all the original rules below, but your GM will help guide through the game smoothly:

A game about Keanu trying directing, with cast & crew of all Keanu / Keanu characters. [Keanu Reeves, for those of you who know of other Keanus!]

* Players discuss safety and consent.

* Each player chooses their Keanu or Keanu character (any gender) (Neo, Ted "Theodore" Logan, Evil Ted, Robot Ted, Sad Keanu, Movie Star Keanu, Constantine, John Wick, Jonathan Harker, Johnny Utah, Johnny Mnemonic, etc)

[this will be done at game time, unless a player really wants to plan costuming in advance, which is cool, too]

* Choose a player to be "Maybe I Should Try Directing" Keanu (MISTDK).

* Players collectively choose genre and setting for the movie.

* Other Keanus chooses a movie role or crew member. (ex: Leading Lady Ted, Choreographer Neo, Caterer Sad Keanu)

* Movie is 10 scenes, 5-10 minutes each: * Opening * Complications * Meet Mysterious Stranger * Raise Stakes / Danger * Flee & Recoup * Learn Lessons * Fail Again * Inspirational Moment * Epic Scene * Conclusion

* Each scene: * MISTDK chooses location. * Players agree on general plan. (2-3 mins). * Actors perform scene. MISTDK makes adjustments as needed * MISTDK says "cut" to end scenes.

* Character-appropriate creative differences between Keanus, especially MISTDK, are encouraged.

* If Combat: Combat participants agree to either: * Kung-Fu pose-off: Audience, group vote, or MISTDK decides winner. * Quote-off: players have conversation using only Keanu quotes; first to stall or repeat loses.

* Game ends when movie finishes.

Played at

Intercon S (2019)
Intercon T (2020)

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