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A Night at Club Ivory

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 24 players, Male characters: 10, Female characters: 10, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 4

Organized by

TNT Productions, in collaboration with Ivory Fade Productions


✏️Cameron Betts
✏️Jenny Diewald
✏️Susan Giusto
✏️Tim Lasko

Intercon XIII (1998), Natick, Massachusetts, United States

OrganizerJenny Diewald

Intercon R (2018), Crowne Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island, United States

OrganizerJenny Diewald
OrganizerSusan Giusto
OrganizerTim Lasko
OrganizerCharlie McCutcheon
OrganizerBarry Tannenbaum


America is in the worst of the Depression, and most have hit rock-bottom - but not everyone. There are those of High Society who have survived the worst. They have been joined by those who aspire to celebrity. Along with movie stars, mobsters, PIs, and tycoons, they've all found a classy hideaway, with booze, in the Hollywood Hills. It's a place where the hint of illegal alcohol still lingers in the air. Places like this may have gained some respectability now that Prohibition is over, but not completely. There are still shady characters about.

It is the summer of 1934 and _Club Ivory_ is such a place...

_Club Ivory_ sits in the Hollywood Hills, a place just far enough out of the city to keep its clientele exclusive and its reputation racy. You could always get a drink here, during the darkest days of Prohibition, if you knew the password. Even the night after that fateful raid in 1922, it was open, despite the fact that two bootleggers lay bleeding to death in the cellar. It is said that their ghosts roam the darkness, the only ones who remember the recipe for the _Ivory Fade_.

It is the summer of 1934 and _Club Ivory_ reeks of memories...

Ahh, the _Ivory Fade_. It was the drink that named the place. A nectar that warmed you on the way down, and made you feel like you were in Heaven. It was an elixir that cured you of the blues. Now, when it's needed most, it's gone.

It is the summer of 1934 and many things have been lost at _Club Ivory_...

There are other secrets here. Skeletons in the closet. Anonymous photographs taken in an indiscreet moment. No one and nothing seems to be what it should be. Prohibition spawned an environment of deceit. Prohibition is gone, but the atmosphere remains.

It is the summer of 1934 and there are always secrets at _Club Ivory_...

* * *

_A Night at Club Ivory_ is a period piece at a high society establishment, newly legal and appropriate, for 24 players in their finest clothes for four hours. The game is a character-driven, no-mechanic, GM-sanctioned mayhem only LARP, with mature themes.

Because of state liquor laws, alcohol will be simulated by non-alcoholic beverages.

Players should be 18 or older. We will consider allowing mature and experienced younger 16+ roleplayers on a case by case basis. Please contact us before you sign up for the game, using the email address in the game listing.

CONTENT WARNING: _A Night at Club Ivory_ was created using common _noir_ tropes and archetypes from books and movies of the period. That means that there may be Irish cops, Italian mobsters, beautiful actors, actresses, and wannabees, business people, con artists, possibly secret Communists, and PIs that seem to get beaten up like clockwork. Game themes may include criminal activities, corruption, fraud, violence in many forms (including kidnapping and murder), harm to animals, arson, blackmail, dysfunctional relationships, arranged marriages, unwanted and/or scandalous pregnancy, discussion of abortion, and drug use.

While we want the hint of scandal to be morally problematic as it was in the 1930s, we don't want the overt racism that also comes with that time and these tropes. Your character can not like or trust another character because of where they came from, but describing that character with the vocabulary and racist slang of the time is not acceptable in character or out.

The same is true of the sexism of the time - that should be left in the 1930s. The player in a part is appropriate for the character and should be played as such, regardless of the scandal and consternation it might have caused in the 1930s.

This game is based in reality. There is nothing supernatural, magical, or Lovecraftian in game. There are no long lost artifacts of power or maps to haunted pirate treasures. There are no dinosaurs, spaceships, aliens, or time-traveling Nazis. There is NO woo.

Played at

Intercon XIII (1998)
Intercon R (2018)

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