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The Markov Solution

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12 players, Male characters: 3, Female characters: 4, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 5


✏️Tony Mitton
✏️AJ Smith


One year after the War, thousands of unregistered light freighters ply their trade in contested space. _Scorpio_ is just one such craft, taking a few passengers and various small cargo loads from Bethesda to Cordoba. A small celebration is expected during the run, but this aside it’s just another routine trip; just another pay-day.

**The Markov Solution** is the sixth and final game in the “Kestrel” series, although no prior knowledge of previous games is required. Characters will be the crew of _Kestrel_ and passengers for the trip to Cordoba. All the characters in this game will have appeared in one or more previous games in the series.

**The Markov Solution** is a short, fairly hard science fiction game. The series was inspired by a now-distant Joss Whedon TV show, but went in a different direction long ago.

Compulsory trigger warning: Character packs are pretty long nowadays; there can be quite a bit of reading. Plus the game references or contains a fair amount of bad stuff including (but not limited to) murder, rape, slavery, imprisonment, war crimes, suicide, terrorism, history and genocide. Please don't play this game if you think any of these are likely to be a big issue for you. Over 18s only.

Played at

Intercon R (2018)

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