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Immerton: The Initiation

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-16 players, Male characters: 0, Female characters: 8-16

Organized by

Learn Larp LLC


✏️Sarah Lynne Bowman
✏️Maury Elizabeth Brown
✏️Quinn D
✏️Kat Jones
✏️Orli Nativ


Long ago, in the dreamtime, when the universe was a swirl of dust, four entities merged their consciousnesses to create what we know as the physical world. We now call them The Four. Goddesses: Creation, Destruction, Reclamation, and Fortification. Four forces that make, break, rebuild, and strengthen. The four forces of the human will: Innara, Ellishara, Rahdira, and Tohtma. Immerton is the place where these goddesses reside, where they watch and teach, a place pilgrims and seekers discover, a place alive with the four forces. Here, the goddesses hold court, and maintain the balance of energies to sustain consciousness and the physical world. Every so often, a woman somewhere in the multiverse discovers Immerton, and makes her way to the community to meet her sisters. Welcome. You have been chosen.

In _Immerton: The Initiation_ you will use ritual to explore identity, devotion, and sisterhood. The experience includes a rite of passage to devote yourself to your goddess, and the opportunity to choose one of seven Immerton vocations: Keepers, Tenders, Menders, Vigilants, Seers, Warriors, and Shamans. The larp also features freeform blackbox play where characters can experience past, present, future, or dream moments, as well as interactions with the various goddesses.

This freeform game includes workshops and relationship building, play, and debrief. Your character can be from any place in the multiverse -- any time period, location, or genre. Costume as you wish for the larp. We will provide masks and robes for the four goddesses, as characters may aspect them at any time by donning their identities.

Characters are created collaboratively between GMs and players using a questionnaire that is sent out ahead of time, and then finalized before the game. Players are encouraged to use close-to-home characteristics as they feel comfortable. While all the characters in Immerton identify as female in some way, play is open to people of all genders.

Content warning: Some characters may have trauma in their backstories, or have recently experienced trauma in their opening to Immerton. These scenes do not have to be played, but may be enacted by player choice in the Goddess Chamber (black box) which will be in a specific location of the room, away from others. This trauma may include issues that are common among women such as domestic violence and abuse, catcalling or harassment, sexual assault, and objectification.

18+ Preferred

Played at

Intercon R (2018)

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