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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 1 player

Organized by

Incantrix Productions


✏️Caroline Murphy


_Good luck, Captain. We're counting on you..._

The words ring in your ears, heavy and burdensome. You didn't know you could feel so lonely so quickly. The ship only just left orbit, but you know that the journey ahead of you is going to be long. The knowing makes you feel cold, somehow, and you shiver involuntarily. It's worth it, you remind yourself, for the lives you'll be saving, bringing them this medicine.

The ship lights spark to life, in ways you've only ever seen in simulations. Something is wrong. The equations are out of balance. The ship's weight is off. If you don't fix the problem in the next 45 minutes, you'll never make it to your destination.

Calculations is a hard scifi single-player experience that takes place over one hour. You play a Captain aboard a vessel delivering critical medical supplies to a far-flung colony. You must make decisions about what happens in a critical window of time.

Content Warning & Age Restrictions: This game is dark, heavy, intense, personal, and emotional. Involves life and death decisions. 16 and older only.

Played at

Intercon R (2018)
Intercon S (2019)

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