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Miss Maypole and the Case of the Wretched Admiral

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 16 players, Male characters: 8, Female characters: 8

Organized by

Peaky Games


✏️Graham Arnold
✏️Nickey Barnard
✏️Natalie Curd
✏️Clare Gardner
✏️Abi Kirby
✏️Sue Lee

Lucky Consequences (2018), Naish Holiday Village, Christchurch, Dorset, United Kingdom

OrganizerSue Lee


It is the eve of the Glorious 12th August 1934 and the start of the grouse shooting season. Everyone has assembled at the Countess of Tweedale’s Hunting Lodge on the shores of Loch Howe, one of the deepest sea lochs in the world, ready to blast the hell out of the local bird population tomorrow morning. There may be more than shotgun cartridges in play and grouse may not be the only endangered creatures. With rumours of wild red-eyed hounds upon the salt marshes and strange sounds from the loch late at night, there are plenty of things to investigate.

From much of the team that brought you Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair we return to Blighty in the 1930s and step back into the world of stiff upper lips, stiff glasses of whisky and the odd stiff.

There is no need to have played the previous game, they (and all our future games) are intended to stand alone.

The Miss Maypole LARP contains depictions of violence including murder and warfare. Also descriptions of substance abuse and a spread of characters who may display bigotry, sexism and racism appropriate to the historical nuances and setting of the game. Player should be over 18, or you should discuss the individual with us in advance.

Character sheets likely to be about 6-8 pages. Period clothing would be lovely, but not essential. Please dress to enhance other players' experience rather than with the correct type of hunting tweed.

Played at

Intercon Q (2017)
Lucky Consequences (2018)

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