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The Line

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 12-16 players


✏️Jason Morningstar


The waiting room is bland and antiseptic. You have made unimaginable sacrifices to get here. Through that door is a chance at a better life - one away from war, death and horror. But between you and the door are over a dozen fellow refugees with their own agendas, and an immigration officer eager to send you straight back to hell.

The Line is a freeform LARP that will run for 2 hours following a pre-game workshop to introduce you to the world. Characters will be generated randomly prior to game by dealing cards. All players will take the role of refugees applying for immigration.

**Content Warnings:** Adult themes, powerlessness, strong prejudice, player vs. player antagonism, danger for families and children, potentially provocative and intense storylines, religious and ethnic hatred, suspense/anxiety, bureaucracy, and violence both personal and genocidal. The Line directly addresses the plight of contemporary refugees.

**Age Restrictions:** 18+

Played at

Intercon Q (2017)
Intercon R (2018)

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