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A World Apart

RPG system: LARP


✏️Nina Runa Essendrop


We are pleased to present the next larp from our challenge on Corona Resilient Larps: A World Apart (DK) by Nina Runa Essendrop.

All the people live in their own little worlds.

They all have their meaningful routines, their possessions and their abstract task to fill out their lives.

Each one is separate, unable to touch or talk to the people living next to them.

But in their dreams, they reach out and gently become part of something shared, something deeper than their everyday life. And as their dreams start to influence their reality they learn to see and connect with others across the borders of their own little words.

A World Apart is an abstract, physical larp about finding connection with others who are far away.

It is a larp about the things we have in common even if our circumstances are different and the way we can influence each others actions and world views even when we cannot be physically in touch.

Played at

Grenselandet (2020)

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